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    The Master Pack

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    Please take note. Some of these best selling products we offer here will no longer be available in the future, and others are selling out quickly! Please also note, some of these products are past their best use date, but to make sure these are still the best products available, we've had all the products tested by a third party laboratory. They are safe to use as directed. Since they are special sale items they are offered as-is, without a refund guarantee. It is our belief that they are as of the same quality as the day they were first manufactured.

    With an original value of $125, slashed to just $99.95, this five item Master Pack brings you the gift and joy of free shipping, great service, and incredible value on classics you love, this Christmas season! 

    Indulge in a superior family oral care experience this season with two of our high-quality Colloidal Silver toothpastes in our Master Pack!

    Formulated for optimal dental health, they ensure a bright smile and lasting freshness. Designed for those who demand natural yet powerful dental solutions, our toothpaste is free from fluoride, and is enriched with the goodness of iodine and xylitol, and peppermint oil!”

    Iodine, known for its antibacterial properties, plays a crucial role in maintaining oral health, while xylitol, a natural sweetener, helps in reducing plaque formation and tooth decay. This unique blend ensures a clean, healthy, and refreshing dental experience!

    The star of the Master Pack, for peak oral hygiene, is our POWERFUL 16 oz 'Swish & Swallow' Mouthwash. Infused with 50 mcg of the finest Silversol® colloidal silver, this formula leaves your mouth feeling impeccably clean and fresh, enhancing your overall oral health. Good health starts in the mouth, stay healthy from the inside out!

    Be “Master Pack” ready for any challenge with our colloidal silver wound gel! Ideal for minor injuries, it's a must-have in every American home, ensuring safety and rapid healing!”

    At the core of our wound gel's efficacy is the optimal concentration of colloidal silver—30 parts per million (PPM). This concentration is carefully chosen to maximize the antibacterial and antiseptic properties of colloidal silver, making it incredibly effective against a wide range of bacteria that commonly infect minor wounds.

    Elevate your skin care regimen with our dual skin cream wonders, with the “Master Pack.”

    Featuring the essence of lavender and the zest of grapefruit, both enriched with the power of colloidal silver and essential oils in these two fantastic products!

    Crafted for the discerning American, these creams are not just skin care products, they're a skin care experience that you’ll find you can rely on!

    The only catch – our stocks are as exclusive as this “Master Pack” offer, as we currently have only a limited number of these original products and bundles available! Remember, once they're gone, they’re gone!

    This bundle includes:

    • SuperSilver Wound Dressing Gel™ FIRST AID and SUNBURN RELIEF with SILVERSOL® NANO SILVER
    • SuperSilver Lavender Skin Cream
    • SuperSilver Grapefruit Skin Cream
    • SuperSilver Swish and Swallow Immune Support
    • SuperSilver Fluoride-Free Toothpaste

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