Frequently Asked Questions


All Dr. Jones' Naturals products are Gluten-Free. No worries here!

All of our products are Non-GMO. We keep out any genetically engineered organisms from our products.

No, none of Dr. Jones' Naturals products contain Soy. We do our best to avoid this ingredient.

No, none of Dr. Jones' Naturals products contain Dairy.

No animal products are used to make our supplements.

None, all of Dr. Jones' Naturals are Sugar-Free.


Dr. Jones has made and sold hundreds of thousands of health products. He is known as an expert in the industry.

Yes, Dr. Jones' Naturals donates 1% of all profits the company makes. We strongly believe in giving back. More information on our non-profit donations.

Dr. Jones has been in the medical field for over 45 years.

Yes, Dr. Jones' Naturals cuts out the middle man to bring you direct-from-manufacturer pricing.