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    SuperSilver Swish and Swallow Immune Support - Buy 2, Get 1 Free

    Order $200 and get a free bonus Swish & Swallow

    Stay safe and healthy with one of Dr. Jones' classic products, SuperSilver Swish and Swallow Immune Support. Delivering a powerful formula that not only leaves your mouth feeling clean and fresh, it penetrates your whole body to SUPER CHARGE your immune system with patented colloidal nano silver. Good health starts with a GREAT product. Stay healthy from the inside out!
    • Powerful Immune Support
    • Naturally flavored and effective with real Peppermint oil
    • 16 fluid ounces lasts a whopping 95 servings

    Contains patented nano silver.

     Please take note, some of these best selling products we offer here will no longer be available in the future, and others are selling out quickly! Please also note, some of these products are past their best use date, but have been tested to ensure that they are still of highest quality, and have been stored in ideal conditions. To make sure these are still the best products available, we've had all the products tested by a third party laboratory and can report they are all fit for sale. They are safe to use as directed. Since they are special sale items they are offered as-is, without a refund guarantee. It is our belief that they are as of the same quality as the day they were first manufactured.

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